Nashville legal video services

Legal Video Service of Tennessee provides a wide variety of services to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Video Service : Depositions, Court Reporting, Trial Presentations, Courtroom Playback, Site Inspections, Insurance Investigations, Day In The Life, Mock Trials.
  • Litigation Services : Certified Trial Technician, Video & Transcript Sync, MPEG-1, DVD.
  • Post-Production Services : Digital & Analog Duplication, Media Duplication.
  • Equipment Rental : Video Playback, Digital Courtroom.

Seeing is Believing

LiveFeed is a real time system.
LiveFeed allows remote participation in depositions or other live events.

Live courtroom video feed

- Witness the depo LIVE from any Internet Location.

- On-site MPEG encoding

- Attend multiple depos in one day.

- Save the time & expense of traveling.

- Easily include remote experts with secure Internet Connections.

- Participate in the deposition with LIVE interaction.

- Make notes and highlight areas in the transcript.

Video, audio and transcript import directly into
Visionary's FREE Discovery Management & Trial Presentation software.
Legal Video Service of Tennessee is certified by:
National Court Reporters Association
Visionary Legal Technologies


We are not affiliated with any other company using the name of Legal Video Service.  We have been in the legal field since 1994. We are in Nashville, TN and we cover the Middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky area.

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